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All types of reports, corporate profiles, brochures and other marketing documents, theses, books, newsletters, websites, case studies and fact sheets.

Copy editing

Reports, brochures and other marketing documents, newsletters, case studies, fact sheets, manuscripts of non fiction books.

Design & layout

Tenders and proposals, brochures, annual and other types of reports, corporate profiles, newsletters, books, conference proceedings, case studies, fact sheets etc.

Hello, I’m Julie

I’m an IPEd accredited editor. I am also a qualified graphic designer who specialises in print. I have learnt my craft across twenty years in advertising, document solutions and now working as the Polished Page.

In 2021 I gained Foundation Certification from the Association for Proposal Management Professionals (CF APMP) which has broadened my knowledge of the art and science of tenders and other submissions.

My clients are from the following sectors:

  • Local government, Western Australian and Australian government departments and corporations (agriculture, education, law, community development),
  • Private sector (consulting, business services, mining, environmental, education, health, property, agriculture, retail, bid production),
  • Not-for-profit sector (humanitarian, the arts, medical research) and
  • Private work such as memoirs and non fiction books.

For more information about my proofreading, copy editing and design services please click on the links above.  If you require help with a document type that is not listed, please ask.  If I can’t help, I may be able to refer you to one of my colleagues.

Below are summaries of three books that I copy edited and designed. Comments from two of the authors can be found on the testimonials page.

Please contact me to discuss your project; I look forward to talking to you.

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A Hazardous Life

Biography of Capt. George Forsyth by Ron Forsyth and Ian Forsyth.  ISBN: 978-0-9944304-1-0

George Forsyth arrived in the Colony of Western Australia in the early 1860s as a young seaman. He trod a varied and sometimes dangerous career path which culminated in his being appointed Harbour Master for the Whole Colony. His story is one of struggle against both the dangers of the sea and the antagonism of the ruling elite as he tried to improve port safety and operations. After 17 years of service to the colony he was summarily dismissed from all his public positions on trumped up charges. While Forsyth himself fell into obscurity, he left a legacy of some 40 artworks of colonial Western Australia. A Hazardous Life details a little known chapter of our dramatic maritime history.

Buy in independent bookshops, or via the publisher: http://www.maritimeheritage.org.au

Photo by David Nicolson taken at the book launch held at Fremantle Ports in March 2019.

The Butterfly Blessing

Memoir by John O’Rourke.  ISBN: 978-0-6484848-0-6

On finding out that he and his wife, Nicole, are expecting their third child, John decides to keep a diary of family life — their child may like to read it one day. Then their lives, and the diary, take an expected course when they receive the devastating news that their baby has a chromosomal defect that brings a high risk of infant mortality. The Butterfly Blessing charts a story of joy, sadness, despair, hope, and ultimately the power of love. Fifteen years on John has published his diary so that it may help other families facing the loss of a child, and give a voice to fathers who are rarely heard from in this sphere of publication.
Copies available from Crow Books in Victoria Park or from the author: orourkejohn1401@gmail.com

Child of the Pilbara

Memoir of CW (Bill) Quin.  ISBN: 978-0-9758379-1

Child of the Pilbara is a collection of stories about growing up on Bamboo Springs station, near Marble Bar, in the 1940s and 1950s. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, Bill brings the characters of his outback childhood vividly to life including his beloved Aboriginal nanny, Sally; the redoubtable governess, Miss Grylls; and Fr Bryan, the flying priest. The book describes a remarkable cross-cultural childhood of freedom and adventure tempered with adult responsibilities. Published posthumously.