Copy editing

What is copy editing?

Copy editing adds the polish to your words.  It is not substantial re-writing, but rather aims for accuracy, clarity and consistency.  It may include the following:

  • Elimination of grammatical errors
  • Re-wording to make the meaning clear
  • Replacing jargon with easy-to-understand language
  • Untangling long or complicated sentences
  • Editing for length: expressing the same thing in a more concise way
  • Removing unnecessary words
  • Consistent use of words and phrases.

When should copy editing be done?

If your document is going to be professionally designed and typeset, the time to copy edit is before the designer receives it.  If you wait until after the design is complete, editing will become more difficult and time consuming, which means more expensive!

Copy editing should be done in Word (or Pages) using tracked changes so we can work together to perfect your document. 

Why work with an IPEd Accredited Editor?

An accredited editor is not just someone who is ‘good at English’.

When you engage an accredited editor, you’re working with someone who is experienced and has demonstrated competency across the five parts of the Australian Standards for Editing Practice.

Participation in ongoing professional development activities is required for renewal of accreditation, so accredited editors are always up-to-date with knowledge and best practice.

Someone who is ‘good at English’ will hopefully fix errors in grammar and spelling. In addition, a professional editor:

  • is alert to possible legal issues including copyright infringement
  • understands inclusivity, accessibility and cultural sensitivity
  • uses editorial judgement, i.e. when to enforce ‘the rules’ and when not
  • applies the principles of plain English, where needed, to achieve precision and clarity
  • understands the relationship between text, images and layout
  • is experienced in publishing processes.

A professional editor gives you so much more than spelling and grammar!

Request a quotation

If you would like more information about my copy editing services, or a quotation, please contact me. Note: it is not possible to provide an accurate quotation without seeing the document; confidentiality is assured. 

Please see the Testimonials page for comments from clients and colleagues.  

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