Design & layout

I offer design and layout services for all kinds of printed documents from a one-page newsletter to reports that are many hundreds of pages in length.  I also design documents that are intended for on-screen reading.

I specialise in the following types of documents: books, tenders, newsletters, manuals, reports, brochures and corporate profiles.  I have designed documents for the government, business and not-for-profit sectors. I also undertake private work.

When your document is ready for print, I can organise printing for you, or recommend reliable and skilled printers and finishers. 

Design for tenders, EOIs and award submissions etc

I have been designing for tenders, bids, proposals, pre-qualifications and EOIs etc for more than ten years.  This includes:

  • Development of the overall look and feel for files, dividers and packaging
  • Design and layout of internal pages
  • Construction of diagrams and organisation charts etc
  • Production management of all these items.

For an overview of all my tender and submission services please download The Polished Page Tender Services.

Like more information?

Please contact me to discuss your project, or to request a quotation.

My Curious Month

My Curious Month is a delightful project by the Walking Scientist, Dr Janet Paterson. The book brings the fascinating science behind the glories of the natural world to a lay audience, including children. I am thrilled to have worked on this wonderful project with Dr Janet.  Move over Dr Karl!