Assistance for self-publishers

As much or as little help as you need to take your project from manuscript to finished book.

Writing a book is a labour of love. When it’s time to turn your manuscript into a book you need to know that it’s in safe hands.  The Polished Page is not a publisher.  Nor are we a vanity press.  We are here to provide assistance to self-publishing authors who need help with one aspect of producing their book, or several aspects.  This may include copy editing, proofreading, design & page layout, image editing, designing diagrams and maps, and print management.  We can also advise on ISBNs and barcodes. 

And then?  Well, we do not specifically offer marketing services but our many years of experience means we can give you lots of helpful advice and tips on marketing your book. 

Please see below for more information, or contact me to discuss your projectSee the testimonials page for comments from authors with whom I have recently worked.


Our areas of expertise

Copy editing

Copy editing adds the polish to your words.  Editing will be carried out using track changes so you can see the suggested additions, deletions and changes.  Copy editing includes spelling, grammar, clarity of expression, usage and consistency. 

Design & layout

This is where your book takes shape.  A professionally designed book is attractive to look at, and a pleasure to read.  Its cover says, “Look at me!”  The entire design takes into account your subject matter, your audience and ensures that your book will print well. 


Proofreading is essential; it’s that proverbial fresh pair of eyes. It’s the final step before printing and covers all aspects of the book including the words and the layout.

Image editing

Image editing includes two aspects: choosing the right images and undertaking any necessary Photoshop work.

Diagrams & maps

Diagrams are essential for helping explain complicated ideas.  Maps help your readers understand the geography. They can be as simple as line drawings or be works of art in themselves. 

Print management

We can advise on paper selection, binding and specialty finishes, organise your printing or recommend the right printers and finishers for your project.